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Paper Model for Assembling

  • assembled model
  • coloring pages
  • crossword
  • Description and interesting facts
  • sticker

More Info for product:

This product has been designed for both entertainment and with educational objectives in mind. Assembly of this paper model helps development of manual dexterity and ability to follow instructions and sequencing in young children along with building on their logical and spatial reasoning skills. 
Inside the box you will find find detailed and generously illustrated information about the era of the dinosaurs, curios facts and scientific theories pertinent to the discovery of the TRICERATROPS, their lifestyle, habitat and dispersion. You will also learn why for a long time scientists have not been able to determine the exact nature of this creature and it has been mistakenly thought of as a rhinoceros or a bison of enormous proportions. Due to its unique bone collar and three huge horns – two long protrusions on the forehead and a shorter one on the nose, TRICERATOP is perhaps the most emblematic and easily recognized dinosaur species found to have lived on the face of our planet. 
For the youngest children in the box are included a picture for coloring, a cross-word puzzle and a surprise gift – a sticker depicting the assembled TRICERATOP!

  • Cover
  • Elements Face
  • Elements Back
  • Assembly Scheme
  • Information, Curious Facts
  • Picture for Coloring
  • Dimensions
  • Sticker

The set contains:

  • Assembly model printed on a durable high-quality carton board. 
  • Instructions for mounting and detailed assembly chart
  • Picture for coloring
  • Cross-word puzzle
  • Illustrated information and curious facts sheets
  • Sticker with a diameter of 8 cm (3.25 inches)

This model consists of 40 pieces. 
Scissors and glue are needed for assembly. 
The finished project is about 40 x 19 cm (32 x 7,5 inches) long.
It is appropriate for children over 8 years of age and for enthusiasts of all ages.

The series of paper models for assembling is an opportunity to develop fine motor skills and dexterity. You put together a model of a favorite animal and gain a friend – either inhabiting far-away lands or a representative of the lost prehistoric world.